Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ali and Andrew Engagement Photos

Although last Friday was officially the first day of spring, it was a bit chilly outside. Despite the cloudy weather, Ali and Andrew came out to the riverfront park downtown for their engagement portrait session, and of course, they brought their lovely puppy. Despite my numb fingers, I had a great time hearing their engagement story, and I loved watching them interact. They are definitely laid-back and were completely relaxed for the session. I'm looking forward to photographing their wedding in May.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Family

Spring break brought my mom and my "little" brother for a visit. I hadn't seen them since March of last year, so it was great to get to spend some time together. Along with some nice walks, wii-playing, and a little sight-seeing, we also had some fun taking some "portraits."

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Should Price Determine Your Wedding Photographer Choice?

The answer is yes and no. I'll try to explain.

One of my best friends and former college roommates is getting married this October in Texas, and I unfortunately already had her date booked and won't be able to photograph her big day (I'm so sorry Lesley!). So, we've been discussing wedding photographers as she is going through the process of selecting one. She has found a photographer she really likes (and so do I), but the photographer's basic package is about $500 more than she planned on spending.

So, should she choose that photographer and spend a bit more than she planned, or should she choose a photographer with a lower rate?

My first thought is this, will you be able to redo your wedding photos if you don't like them?

Of course, the answer is no. So, this is how I would suggest determining your wedding photography budget and how you choose your photographer. First, ask yourself what kind of photography style do you want. Do you prefer a traditional, posed look? Do you want purely photojournalism (no posing), or would you like something in between? Then, ask yourself how important your wedding photography is to you. This really does vary between brides and grooms. Would you be just as happy with a student or family friend photographing your wedding, or do you want a professional? Are you willing to cut other areas of your budget for photography, or is it farther down on the priority list? Lastly, come up with your baseline budget. By baseline, I mean the price you would be overjoyed to spend if you got your first choice photographer. Then, determine what your maximum budget is--there should be some room between this number and your baseline.

For example, if your baseline budget is $3,000 and your absolute maximum is $4,000, you should have some choices that fall below $3,000 and some that are in between the $3,000 to $4,000 range. Obviously, if you find a photographer that you really, really like but their lowest price is $6,000, then they are out of your budget. But, if you find one that is $3,500, you shouldn't hesitate to choose that photographer, as long as they meet all the criteria mentioned above. And, if you find your first choice for $2,500, then be excited--you've got what you wanted, and you spent less than you planned!

If your wedding photography is important to you, you should look at it as an investment that will last a lifetime. After all, good photography will last a lifetime--but so will the bad, too! Yes, price does matter when choosing your photographer, but it shouldn't be the only deciding factor.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Fun times. Earlier this week, Jay's brother came to visit (all the way from Texas). Today, they headed to NYC for some fun brother bonding time. This weekend, my mom and little bro are also coming to visit, which should be fun. I plan on showing them all that lovely Pittsburgh has to offer--now let's hope the weather holds up.

As you can see, I'm the midget next to Cullen. You can also see the tail end of Astin. Lovely.

Contrary to popular belief, Jay was fed plenty--he just didn't grow like his younger brother did.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Old is good

Well, I thought I was going to change my logo, but, as you can see, it's the same. After looking at the new logo on my site for a day or so, I realized it just wasn't me. It didn't communicate what I think my photography represents. Classy yet sophisticated. So, if I do make any changes, they will be small...

However, I am still in the process of revamping my, stay tuned.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Revised Logo

If you've visited my site before, you may notice something's a bit different. Yes, I've revised my logo--new look, same great quality, as they say.

So what do you think?

Here's a before image:

And of course, you can see the after image posted above.

I'm also going to be revamping various web pages to coordinate with my "new look." Stay tuned...