Thursday, October 22, 2009


In case everyone didn't read to the bottom of my previous post--I'm no longer going to be using this blog.

My new blog can be found at: Birchtree Photography Blog

So, please change your booksmarks!

Also, for you google readers...I think I gave unclear directions in my last post. To subscribe to my new blog, enter the exact URL of my new blog ( into your subscription box. Then click "add." That should do the trick. If not, you can find my new feed at the new blog.

See you there!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Really BIG News!

No, I'm not expecting a baby.

But I do have something very exciting to unveil today!

For some time I have been contemplating my branding and identity, and I wanted the Birchtree Photography brand to reflect my photography style: pure, elegant, and beautiful. My lame attempts at graphic design were pathetic at best.

So, I contacted local Pittsburgh graphic designer David Crawford to create an identity that would reflect my style. David was absolutely wonderful to work with, from listening to what I wanted to the extra hours he spent perfecting my logo--he did an outstanding job every step of the way. Using his creative skills, he was able to sketch and design a unique one-of-a-kind typeface and symbol for my brand. I could not be more pleased with it!

Now to show it to you...drumroll please...

Ta da!

Of course, this new brand required an overhaul of my site and blog design. So, here's the REALLY important news. I have moved my entire blog to a wordpress format blog at a new link. I know this is a pain for all of you subscribers and readers, but it is worth it in the end. The good news is that all of my old posts are already there, and the even better news is that the new blog ROCKS! And the best news of all--it loads MUCH FASTER! So, goodbye old, slow blog!

Change your bookmarks now! Go to Birchtree Photography Blog
You can also find the feed address on my new blog, and you can find me in google reader under "birchtreephotographyblog"

Seriously, this blog is about to become a ghost town folks. Please don't get left behind!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pittsburgh Child Photography | Kasey and Brady

After seeing these cute boys' photos, Kasey and Brady's mom contacted me for their own family portrait.

And what a fun family they are! The boys are precious; Kasey being quite the ham for the camera, and Brady being just a cutie! Thanks guys for having me out!

Check out this awesome climbing wall on their swing set.

I love this shot of all of them...

Kids and pumpkins--can you get any cuter?


Drat...almost got everyone to look at me. :)

Ha, I love Kasey's pirate face and that Brady is chomping down on a leaf...

Oh my, those beautiful eyes!

Totally cute family! Fun, fun, fun!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kristin and Lee | Pittsburgh Engagement Photography

On Sunday, the lovely weather continued, and I had a great time shooting Kristin and Lee's engagement session around Phipp's Conservatory and Schenley Park in Pittsburgh.

Kristin and Lee actually knew each other growing up--their families being friends with each other. But it wasn't until they both moved to San Diego for separate reasons that things grew beyond just family friends. I love how life is funny like that.

They chose to do their engagement pictures around Phipp's because they will be having their reception there in January--and by then things may be a bit too cold for nice outdoor photos. Something about snow and high heels not meshing well together.

Cold weather or not, I'm looking forward to their wedding--it should be beautiful!

They liked the tree photo they had seen earlier on my blog...I like it too.

Kristin and Lee--you are both way cute!

Love this.

And this.

A little fun...

See you two soon!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Megan and Justin | Pittsburgh Engagement Photographer

Last Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day in Pittsburgh, and I had a blast photographing Megan and Justin's engagement photos.

We started at the Frick Art and Historical Center, which is where Megan and Justin will be having their wedding next May. It's a beautiful complex, though we did have an escort the whole time (thanks Gwen!). :)

When I asked Megan and Justin about when they met, Megan laughed as she told me their first date (they were set up by a friend) didn't go too well...Fortunately, a BBQ cookout a year later brought them together again, and that time things went much better--as you can see!

After the Frick, we drove down to the Strip District in Pittsburgh and had a lot of fun finding neat spots for photos. I absolutely love going down to this area because it's a wonderful playground of colors, textures, and awesome architectural lines. (hint, hint...anyone want to do an e-session there?).

Cute shoes--check and mark!

Megan and Justin will be getting married in this awesome orchard next spring!

Justin also has an interest in photography, and he spied this lovely texture on the tree (P.S. Megan, you are hot!).

I'd live here.

I think Justin must be practicing for the wife carrying contest.

I think Megan would prefer this method :) Too cute.

Sweet, we found the big tires lot!

My clients are braver than me!

And last but not least. When we made it over to the train car, Megan found some random potatoes on the ground and thought it'd be fun to toss them about. Awesome.

See you two in May!