Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hot! This just in!

I just received and assembled my very first (and did I say hot?) sample album from Finao. I have been waiting for about a month for it to arrive (all their albums are hand-made to order with genuine leathers and silk fabrics!), and I couldn't be more pleased with it. The style is for a wedding guestbook album--but this one will turn your idea of that humble book on its head.

You've seen the ubiquitous wedding guest book sitting on a table at the reception--everyone signs it, but what are you supposed to do with it after all the guests go home? More than likely, it ends up in some box labeled "wedding stuff" (where I'm sure mine is right now). So, instead of another useless (but thoughtful) item from your wedding (wrapping paper anyone?), why not have a book that can keep all your guests' signatures and hold your favorite engagement photos? Everyone will be talking about how unique your book is. Bye, bye boring guestbook, hello hottie!

You see, one side of the album holds your photos, while the other is blank to be filled with signatures and notes. Your guests get to see your cute photos, and you'll get an awesome book with notes and the names of your guests, not to mention a cool album for your engagement photos.

Did I mention that I include an engagement photo session with every wedding?

And, since I am so excited about this album, I will offer the first 3 brides that contact me (either already booked or interested in booking) 15% off a Guestbook Album of their size and color choice (many colors to choose from). Prices start at $100 for a 5x7 10 side album. Just call or email me--contact info is on my website! Now for some photos:

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  1. I went to a wedding that had a guest book like that. It was really nice. My guest book is in some box or closet.


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