Sunday, February 8, 2009

Prague Spring

After the exciting last weekend (Sixburgh anyone?), along with very cold weather this week, we had a "Prague Spring" of sorts on Saturday. (Maybe the Steelers brought some Tampa weather back with them?) Of course, when it's been in the teens and twenties, anything above freezing feels balmy.

Not wanting to miss out on the nice weather, Jay and I (and Astin) took an excursion to Beaver, PA, home to, among other things, Geneva College. We decided to go to a nearby park, Brady's Run Park, where we discovered the warm weather had not quite succeeded in turning the landscape into spring.

Jay, of course, bravely stepped out onto the icy pond and vainly trying to convince Astin (a.k.a. wimp dog) that it was safe to join him.

Eventually, though, Astin braved the ice and found he liked it very much indeed.

Of course, if you think we were irresponsibly putting our dog in danger, rest assured that Jay tested the ice first (and in case you think he was being foolish, there was an ice fisherman already out in the middle of the pond).

Can you spot the fisherman?

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