Monday, August 3, 2009

Maria and Gary | Wedding 7/24/09

They met in college. As her friends described her, she was the one thing that could distract Gary from his ambitions. But, as his friends said, she was the one person Gary was looking for to share his life with.

Gary and Mary celebrated their wedding in a beautiful ceremony at St. Sebastian Parish in Pittsburgh. After some fun photos on Mount Washington, they kicked it up at the fabulous Le Mont with dinner and dancing--lots of dancing.

These two flower girls were absolute dolls.

The bride and her brothers and father. Classic!

Maria's smile is gorgeous! No wait, she's just gorgeous all over! (and Gary's quite the handsome, groom, too).

The bridal party was brave enough to try for a jump shot.

Maria's father gave a really touching toast.

Gary is quite the dancer.

There was quite the scramble for the bouquet.

Congratulations Maria and Gary!


  1. Well done! These are great to see; it was a gorgeous wedding, and you did an incredible job capturing the essence of the celebration!

    ~Marty Abezetian


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