Friday, September 25, 2009

Pittsburgh Trash the Dress Session | Workshop Recap

I have to start this post by saying that Amanda and Tim are awesome! They were wonderful models last night for the workshop at Frick Park (and oh so very brave!). And, I discovered how much I LOVE Frick would be an awesome spot for engagement photos...hint, hint.

Despite a bit of a rain scare to begin with, I think everyone had a blast getting to practice shooting in manual mode and taking control of their settings. It was a mix of Canon and Nikon users, and I have to give a big thanks to the more seasoned Nikon shooter who was in attendance--Nick. He definitely helped figure out how to change camera settings for the newer Nikon shooters.

Throughout it all, I felt like jumping up and down because it was so much fun getting to do a Trash the Dress session. I would love to do more of these--so, any past brides up for the challenge?? It is a TON of fun, trust me! If you don't mind getting your dress dirty (when are you going to where it again, anyway?), you should definitely consider it.

Now I did make one goof--I completely forgot to take a picture of the group! Duh! I guess I was in "follow the white dress" mode and totally focused my lens on Amanda and Tim (who were awesome--did I mention that?). Ah well, we'll have to do it again sometime!

Things started off easy enough in a fun field.

Ah, there's some shooters...

Then things got more interesting...

I just LOVE Tim's cool.

And then things got really interesting...yes they did! They went in the creek!

LOVE this.

Aw yeah!

See? I wasn't the only out there. I'd love to see her shot, too...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Amanda and Tim for being such great sports!


  1. Wow! I totally love photo #5 and the ones of them sitting on the rocks with her dress in the water. Just amazing! Okay, now I am determined to schedule a session like this! Wonderful wonderful...

  2. Wow, I really love the shots of them in bare feet, dress in water, sleeves rolled up for the groom. They'll talk about those shots forever.


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