Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jenna + Dave + Point Park = Fun Engagement Photos

I am so excited because a couple of new products arrived in the mail yesterday, and I can't hardly wait to tell you about them. But first things first...I'll start with Jenna and Dave's engagement photos (Rebekah and Jason's wedding photos are on the way!).

This last Saturday morning I met up with Jenna and Dave, who drove in from New York, at Point State Park. Although it appeared a vast majority of the park was still cordoned off (for who knows what), we finally found a way into it and had some fun taking photos. One of the things I love about engagement sessions is the chance it gives me to get to know the couple a bit better. Things are always a little reserved at first, but by the end of the session everyone feels a lot more relaxed (and it shows in the photos). I'm really looking forward to Jenna and Dave's wedding this July. They are such a neat couple, and their wedding should be a lot of fun.

What could I have done to deserve this look?

Part of a fun series:

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