Friday, June 19, 2009

Leeanna and Jeff | Pittsburgh Engagement Photography

I must say I had fun, fun, fun shooting Leeanna and Jeff's engagement photos in the Strip District of Pittsburgh yesterday. Or as Jeff used to call it--the fruit shards. Ok, Ok, inside joke not funny to everyone else.

Our original plan was to shoot on Wednesday, but as many of you know--we had quite the deluge (and supposedly a tornado warning) that day. So, I was glad when the sun finally came out, and we got some deliciously excellent photos I must say. Of course, this has a lot to do with Leeanna and Jeff being so carefree and "we'll-do-what-you-ask-even-if-we-think-it's-crazy" for me.

I just love my clients! I can't hardly wait 'till their wedding in October.

Leeanna has the sweetest smile!

Uh, yes, this was my crazy idea--why do you ask?

Um, are you zeroing in on Jeff's biceps, too? Or maybe Leeanna's sweet smile again?

Beautiful eyes.

No parking, got it?

Yay for fun red brick.

Yeah, they're gonna ask me to take this one down. But it's so fun I had to share.

Thanks for being such sports!


  1. I love love love these! wow! They're so natural and cute. They'll be so pleased with these...

  2. These are amazing! Right out of a magazine.


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