Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm Off to Scotland

So the last few days have been great--on Tuesday we drove to York and ate at a lovely tea shop named Betty's and walked around the city walls. On Wednesday we drove to Wales near Mt. Snowdon and climbed around a neat castle and hiked along a path and discovered a little village. Well, I imagine that it was well known but we hadn't expected it.

Yesterday we drove back to Durham and toured the town, including the local castle/university. Today we're going to climb the tower in the cathedral--which should be quite an endeavor. In the afternoon, Jay and I are bidding goodbye to Martha, Ben, and Liam and taking the train to Edinburgh. We'll meet up with some friends from Pittsburgh, and go on a tour of Scotland. So far, everything has been great, and we seemed to have avoided the dreaded English weather.

Sorry I don't have any photos--I just don't have the software I need on my own computer. But, I promise there will be plenty of photos when I get back!

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