Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pattern Thoughts

As I've been looking for good designs for the background of my blog, I've been thinking a lot about patterns, like those found in damask fabric. This is the nerd in me, but I like to imagine what women would have worn in ages past--when were some of those designs created? What inspired them?

And then I started noticing all the patterns around me just in my own home. Isn't that funny how that happens? The same thing seems to occur when I learn a new word or phrase--suddenly I see it everywhere. In the article I read online, in the advertisement...does that ever happen to you? Of course, Jay would explain with his scientific mind that it's just because I've started noticing the word or object that I see it so much. I'm sure he's right.

So here's some patterns around my house:

I almost didn't want to show you this. The pillow is so grungy! (thanks Astin for sleeping on it)

I'll be looking for more patterns as I head off to IKEA. I need to get my office more organized! I know, I know, I'm sure you're shocked that it's not a beacon of tidiness, but sadly, I really need my sister to come help me. She is Mrs. Organization. I mean, come on, her name is MARTHA. So, Martha, want to jump on a plane and come with me to IKEA?

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  1. Would love to come to IKEA. When you're super rich and famous, you can pay for the trip. :-)


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