Friday, June 5, 2009

New Baby Seth

This story requires some rewinding. Last August, my good friends Rachel and Jeff got married, and I was privileged to photograph their wedding. Now, this was pre-blog days, so I'm going to share a wedding photo to introduce them:

You could not wipe the smile off Rachel's face on her wedding day. She was radiant.

Now, fast forward a couple of months from the wedding, and Rachel and Jeff were very surprised to find out they were pregnant. Well, sure enough, nine months from their wedding they welcomed little Seth into the world last Saturday. We are so excited for them!

So, yesterday, Jay and I went to visit and get our first look at the cutie. Of course, I couldn't leave my camera behind, so here a just a couple of pictures. I'll give him a proper photo shoot later on. Isn't he a sweetie?

He's wearing the gloves because he scratches himself with his little fingernails.

Mom looks pretty good for not getting any sleep.

Dad got a buzzed haircut--I think Seth might have more hair than him now.

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