Monday, June 1, 2009

Liz and Matt's Engagement Photos at My New Favorite Park

Jay and I sometimes like to drive to a different neighborhood in Pittsburgh and take walks (with Astin, of course) for a change of scenery. So, Thursday we were walking along Beechwood Blvd. in Squirrel Hill when we discovered what has now become my new favorite park. At least, it's my new favorite park for taking pictures. It's part of Mellon Park, and it's awesome. But instead of describing it to you, I'll just show you the photos from Liz and Matt's engagement session on Saturday.

Liz and Matt are good friends of mine, so it was a lot of fun (and very easy) to take their engagement pictures. Also, you might remember that Liz is Rebekah's younger sister (and they are both gorgeous!).

Don't you love the brick?

Yes! Those are some BIRCH trees! I love it!

Silly, but cute.

Liz is short--er, vertically challenged--like me (sorry Liz, we both know it).

I just love the way Matt and Liz look at each other!

Um, not the best gift, Matt.

But, Liz can take a joke.

Yes, they even climbed a tree for me.

Liz to Matt: "So, what do you have to bring to the table?"

Matt: "Good taste."

Besides knowing about every tree and flower at the park, Matt can also scale walls.

Hot Chica!

I'm looking forward to their wedding in September.

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