Friday, July 3, 2009

Home Sweet Home

The suitcases are unpacked and the laundry is done. Astin has been reunited with his spot on the couch, and the pantry has been restocked. Now I'm just willing myself to stay awake as I fight the jet lag.

What an adventure! I can't hardly wait to go through all the photos and share them with you! Where do I even begin? Well, actually, I have a lot of other photos I need to process, too, so I will have to share the UK with you bit by bit.

We flew in last night--after a seven hour delay in Newark (blar). And you would have thought they could have gotten our luggage on the flight, but alas, that was delayed, too. But minus the last leg of the trip we didn't really encounter any difficulties. I can't complain (too much).

However, as I mentioned, I'm desperately fighting jet lag and losing. So, I will just have to share one photo for now. It's from Glencoe, arguably one of the most beautiful spots in Scotland. If this photo doesn't knock your socks off, then the others will I'm sure. And, it just so happens that this little pond was also the background in Harry Potter for Hagrid's hut (all you Harry Potter fans know just what I'm talking about--and if you don't--well sorry). We stayed at a little B&B right next to it. Don't worry, I didn't see any strange critters running about.

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