Friday, July 24, 2009

Andrea and Aaron's Wedding | Waynesburg, PA

I don't know if you can get much cuter than Andrea and Aaron hanging out together. But maybe if you add a white dress, some darling flower girls, a tux, and the family golf course you might be able to top it. In fact, I think they did.

Last Saturday I traveled down to Waynesburg where I met up with Andrea at the salon. She was all smiles and no worries--the perfect bride. Aaron himself looked pretty cool when he arrived at St. Ann Catholic Church.

After a sweet exchange of vows, we all headed over to Rohanna's Golf Course and Restaurant. Andrea told me that once Aaron's family saw this place, they'd understand why she and Aaron love hanging out in her home town. I would definitely agree! Everything was just beautiful.

Aaron helps his best man out.

I LOVE Andrea's look in this photo.

Sweet, we found a barn behind the church.

My trusty second shooter, Lisa, drove while I shot (and clung to the sides of the cart for dear life!)

This is Andrea and Aaron's "special pose"...

These girls are tough.

Andrea is GORGEOUS!

I love the details.

Things got a little out of hand.

Those girls better be ready to catch!

It became a game of volleyball with the decorations.

Congratulations Andrea and Aaron!


  1. i LOVE the picture leaving the church with the bubbles! So great! You must have al servo down (I'm still learning!). Also, what a great barn. Beautiful job as usual Mary!

  2. These are awesome pics. Great job!


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