Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wales--UK Adventure Part Two

Perfectly enchanting. That's what I think of when I remember Wales. On the second leg of our journey we visited the northern area of Snowdonia and stayed in a town called Caernarfon. It had everything you could want--fish and chips, a castle, and a beautiful countryside. What more could you ask for?

And yes, the people really did speak Welsh, which is nothing like English. Like I said, enchanting.

See for yourself.

It was a sleepy start to the day for Liam with another long car ride.

This is my version of drive-by shooting.

First view stepping out of the car.

This had to be one of my favorite things...but you have to look closely..

That's right, the Welsh word for Prime Minister is "Prif Weinidog." Nice.

I didn't know they had helicopter launch pads back then...

We climbed lots of these... we could see this.

Verbose English signage.

Stretchy castle.

Then it was off to the countryside.

More drive-by shooting.


Mr. Handsome with Cute Nephew.

We hiked through the countryside and mostly saw shrubs, fields, and flowers...

Until we came through a clearing and saw this...

And this.

Show off.

If we didn't have to hike back, I would've liked to join them.

Still, we had this lovely church.

And we ate dinner in the little village.

Later that night, after we got back into town, Jay and I walked around and enjoyed the sunset.

It's a post post office.

Next stop is Durham!


  1. I like the one of us going into the castle - I look really tall!

  2. Mary, I feel compelled to flatter you here. In every set you post, your superb eye shows through, even in these vacation photos.

    Your creative and elegant compositions, your awareness and use of light, and your artful post-processing create a beautiful end product that few photographers achieve, especially in the brief span of years you've been working on your craft.

    It's been a pleasure watching you develop your passion into a full time career, and I hope people will value your product as the premier-level work it is, above and beyond that of most event photographers out there (and I've looked at a lot of them!).



  3. yay for castles! I like the verbose English signage, haha. And the Post Post office. I liked seeing signs in German that if you thought about them as English sounded weird - like exit is ausfahrt and emergency exit is notausfahrt which makes me think hm, not-exit. So every emergency button and level was definitely not. Anyway, great pictures and beautiful countryside!

  4. Wow Mary! I have to say your pictures are AMAZING!! You truly have a God given talent for photography! I don't think I've ever seen vacation pictures as great as the ones you have! Some of them are hilarious too! I could look at your pics all day!


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