Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Steph and Justin | Pittsburgh Wedding Photography | 6/20/09

It was going to rain. All week long the weatherman said it was going to rain--and not just a little sprinkle, it was going to rain, thunder, and lightning.

I'm so glad the weatherman was wrong, because Steph and Justin's wedding was held a couple of Saturdays ago on the Gateway Clipper Fleet. Rainy weather and boats don't mix well.

But Steph and Justin sure do! (Ok, lame segue, but seriously, these two are totally in love with each other and had a wonderfully sweet wedding). There was a bit of a scare when a few drops began falling from the sky, but they soon passed and Steph and Justin boarded the boat with their friends and family. They held the ceremony on the top deck, while the poor captain fought the wind to keep Point Park in view. It was actually kind of fun, though, to get different views of Pittsburgh in the background. Then it was downstairs for dining and dancing as the city shoreline slipped by.

I have to start by saying I absolutely loved Steph's hair and hat! She looked GORGEOUS--(but I'm also a bit partial because I had a similar tear drop hat and veil for my wedding).

Steph and Justin saw each other before the ceremony.

Justin walked up the aisle to meet Steph, and then they walked back down together.

They wrote their own vows to each other.

Real men cry on their wedding day.

Just beautiful.

Think Captain Planet...

Love the details.

The best man had a good night, too.

Thanks Steph and Justin for letting me be a part of your day!

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