Monday, July 13, 2009

Becky and Joe's Engagement Photos

They met through a friend. She thought he was Spanish and cute. Turns out, Joe is only one of those things--and I'm sure you can guess which one that is (hint, he no habla espanol). No matter, Becky was smitten--and Joe likewise.

These two were so much fun to photograph last Thursday. We met up at Hartwood Acres, a familiar jaunt for myself but always a blast to shoot at. I still haven't run out of ideas...yet.

As you will see from the photos, Becky and Joe are totally in love with each other--which makes my job so easy! I think Joe said he wasn't good at taking photographs. Ha, I have to disagree!

These two will be tying the knot in August. I'm looking forward to it!

I loved the red shoes!

This ring was Joe's grandmother's--talk about special.

Sweet! A running picture.

This is definitely one of my favs--no posing, just a pure embrace.

I love old barns!


  1. SO NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! H to the AM.


  2. I love them all...Becky you guys are soo cute!


  3. Oh!!! What a wonderful set, Mary! I love how natural ("non-posy") they look. What a sweet looking couple & what a beautiful location for a shoot!!

  4. Great pics! So glad I could bring you two together! Hahaha. Can't wait for the big day! :)


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