Monday, July 27, 2009

Jen and Zeb on Mount Washington

It was girl's night out for Jen, a Pittsburgh girl living in Virigina. And it was guy's night out for Zeb when he looked across the bar and spotted her.

Fast forward a couple of years. Zeb steered his boat to a special spot--the place he and Jen had their first date on his boat. She wondered why he was stopping. And what was he digging for? What was he doing? She couldn't hardly believe it--he was asking her to be his wife. The answer, obviously,was "YES!"

Last Thursday I met Jen and Zeb on Mount Washington to take some engagement photos. Their wedding was actually this past Saturday, so more to come from them.

Jen chose Mt. Washington because her parents were married at St. Mary of the Mount.

Nothing wrong with a man holding his lady's purse.

After a while into the shoot, Zeb spotted a wall of rain heading our way. So, we had to cut things a bit short.

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