Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lindsay and James | Engagement Photos at Point Park

-Buy a bike.

It was on her to-do list. She was moving to a strange new town, and she promised herself she'd make an effort to get out and explore it.

She knew exactly what she wanted as she stepped through the doors of the local bike shop, eyeing the first row of wheels and rubber. And then he walked over to help her out, and she wasn't so sure it was the bike she wanted anymore.

A test ride was in order, so she returned the next week. On a rainy day. While the water poured outside, their conversation flowed beyond spokes and pedals in the shop.

On April 5th, 2008 they took their first ride together. On April 5th, 2009, they took another bike ride--one of many they'd taken--and James asked Lindsay to be his wife.

I had so much fun last night with Lindsay and James taking their engagement photos in downtown Pittsburgh. I LOVED hearing their story of how they met, and I thought it was awesome that they brought their bikes along for the shoot. Although it was my first time to meet them, we actually have a connection through Lindsay's brother, Eric. He's the dad of these two cuties and a good friend of ours.

One of my favorites.

James really liked a photo he had seen that I had taken here before. I love the cobblestones, too.

Funny story behind the bare feet. Lindsay and James both live in Virginia. On their way up to Pittsburgh they realized they'd left their cycling cleats at home. Oh well, I actually like the bare foot look!

James owns and run Black Dog Bikes. They joked they should now change it to Barefoot Bikes.

Can't wait to see you two again in November!

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  1. MARY! So, so creative with the bikes and the fountain, etc. I love these. My two favorites are of them standing on the side of the fountain and of them riding their bikes with the sun coming through the trees. Great work.


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