Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Couple of Changes

As a photographer, I don't actually get many photos of myself. That's not such a bad thing (you won't find too many embarrassing pictures of me online!). However, I desperately needed a professional photo of myself for my website and blog.

Enter Milla Chappell--a newly found friend and another great photographer. Last Monday she agreed to take some photos of me--and I finally got a taste of my own medicine!

I must admit I was a bit nervous in front of the camera. Nevertheless, Milla got some great shots, and I've now updated my website bio and created a header for my blog.

Thanks Milla!


  1. Nice shot and you have NOTHING to worry about being in front of the camera!! :)

  2. You look like a young picture of mom - so pretty!

  3. You look fabulous Mary!! So classy and gorgeous!


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